Iva Smith

Hi, my name is Iva.  I am the lead instructor and owner of Spin City Studio.  My passion about fitness started at a young age due to being overweight as a child.  I decided weight was not going to hold me back in life.  My moto is you have to feel good about yourself before you can love yourself.  I was always looking for new ways to make working out fun.  That's when I found Spin which sparked after my first ride!  It was love at first ride!  

When you ride with me, expect to find a new you.  You will find a fire inside of you, that you never knew you had.


Audrey Birdwell

Hey friends! My name is Audrey Birdwell, and I can't wait to spin with you! Who says you can't workout and have fun the same time? Join me as we take on a cycle adventure every week!


Brent Clark

An Atlanta native, I moved to Sparta, Tn a few years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city and live in the countryside on a cattle farm. I inspires confidence in each and every rider to step out of their comfort zone and into their courage zone.  I will not stop until everyone understands they can become the best version of themselves with every pedal stoke. During class you will hear Eclectic energetic music. Nobody is left behind!

Dawson Davidson

Hey Y'all! My name is Dawson Davidson, and I cannot wait to start spinning with you! I am very peppy and outgoing person and I hope you get a feel for that during our class time. My teaching style is very upbeat and uplifting, and I really target my workout to be just as much fun as it is helpful to our bodies.

Jordan Lamb

I grew up in Southern California, moving to Cookeville after meeting my husband. I believe in the power of movement and have always loved being active whether it's paddle boarding, spin classes, or playing beach volleyball. I definitely have a "party on a bike" style and enjoying riding to the beat. I love how much can be achieved in a dark room for 45 minutes.

Melissa Marcum

I am a RN at Putnam Co Health Dept. I am married to Neal and we have 3 kids.We love sports! We love to watch our children play and coach. It makes me proud to watch my kids exercise their bodies and encourage others. I love the feeling I get from exercise. I can not wait to help encourage others threw this journey. We can keep each other held accountable!


Taylor Thompson

Fitness has always been a favorite hobby of mine. When I was introduced to spin, I quickly realized how much fun cardio could be! I enjoy being able to guide friends and family to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Can't wait to have fun with all of you!


Zack Newbauer

After growing up in North Carolina, I started to bounce around.  First stop was Los Angeles where I took my first spin class.  I walked in thinking it would be a one time thing, but wow... what a good playlist can do.  I loved it.  I got certified later on to teach at FlyWheel, moved to Washington DC and then to Seattle.  Last September, my boyfriend Zach and I decided to come live in Cookeville where our best friends had been living for 6 years.  I'm SO GLAD to have found Spin City and all the people that make it great!